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Cannabis social clubs were voted in as part of the Maine Marijuana Legalization Measure (Question 1) that narrowly passed last November. Social clubs have been the stickiest of subjects for states that have passed them, as there isn’t any framework of a similar industry to follow. Nobody seems to want to make the first move. Not until recently, that is.

Denver voters approved BYOC clubs in a ballot measure in 2016. Currently, the city plans to start accepting applications for social clubs by month’s end. Be that as it may, there are still many regulatory hurdles to overcome with this new chapter of cannabis’ history book. Maine is experiencing their share of hurdles similar to Colorado – legislators want to get it right the first time, but there are many unknowns that demand great deliberation.

Unfortunately, there is a certain stigma that surrounds cannabis social clubs. A fear of the unknown pins clubs as being akin to ‘opium dens’ which is something no one wants in their city or town. But, Maine may not need to pave the way after all. The state that paved the way for us all, may be at it again. Let’s hope that if we aren’t first, we aren’t far behind.

According to the president of Legalize Maine, Paul McCarrier, “At this point the MLI committee is split on social clubs. There is significant push back from the Christian Conservative wing of the Republican party and some Democrats are being overly cautious (suggesting a moratorium till 2020) as they are concerned the social club aspect could sink the MLI omnibus bill. On the flip side, there are a strong group of Democratic Senators and Representatives, long with a minority of Republicans who see social clubs as common sense and good policy. Since Colorado and Alaska are moving forward with social clubs, Legalize Maine is still strongly pushing for social clubs to remain a part of the licensing criteria.”

Only time will uncover the fate of social clubs in Maine. We can only hope that if we aren’t the first, other states will help blaze the way to a highly anticipated branch of the market that could unlock endless possibilities. Link in bio to the original article written by the Associated Press and published in the New York Post.

Original article published August 22nd by the Associated Press … Summary by Kind&Co

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